Friday, 5 November 2010


31 Stunning Movie Teaser Posters | Buried (2010)

This is the poster for the film 'Buried'. I think that it is very effective as the whole story is within the poster. I also feel that the large space of darkness above the coffin is very effective as it suggests that he is infact burried underground. The poster also does not give away the location of the film other than that it is set in a coffin.

31 Stunning Movie Teaser Posters | Devil (2010)

This is the Film 'Devil'. From the poster we instintly know that the film is set in a lift via the lift buttons. One of the buttons is part of the text which represents a 'V' which I think is very effective. I also think that the poster also makes good use of the dark space to represent the film. The poster does not give away any information about the film apart from that it is set in a lift and it could be to do with a devil. Also the lift button which is lit up is going down to symbolise going down to hell.

Editing techniques


Mood board

This is our mood board which is a set of images and words which shows feelings within the film and what the film generaly is about.

Similar film research

Dawn of the dead 2004
Dawn of the dead 2004 was the remake of the 1978 version of the film, it is a classic horror movie  which is about a zombie apocalipse in which there are a few survivers that are staying in a mall surrounded by zombies, seeking help.
In the film there is a bedroom clip where the parents daughter gets infected however they are not aware of this and she is standing right infront of them. The mise on scene of the film follows the conventions of the zombie genre closely as the little girl is covered in blood and her eyes are white like a classic zombie however this was the first zombie film where the zombies could sprint so in that sense it doesnt follow it completely. Unlike the original trilogy, the ghouls are faster, stronger and smarter too, yet never too smart as to be simply human. There are many shot reverse shots throughout the clip as you need to se the parents reaction and the zombies ( little kids ) reaction which works very well.

Our Idea

Our Idea for our A2 media project is similar to our film last year 2 minutes film in the genre and the conventions that come with it. I feel our film last year was successful however there were things that I would have liked to changed, so hopefully this will be a more polished film. Our film idea is to create a short 5 minute horror film. The film is about a character called Sam who blacks out and has scary hallucinations similar to him being in a horror film. These trips last for 1 hour and happen at the same the same time every day (7:22). This has only recently been happening to Sam and therefore he is very panicked and shaken up by his experience. He is on antiphsycotic drugs which have no effect since he has begun taking them. The film follows Sam on two hallucinations and shows how the experience has changed his everyday life. The end of the film sees Sam out of his mind and terrified as 7:22 draws closer. He takes over his prescription of his drugs and begins to feel even worse and out of control of his body. In an unbearable state he takes his own life just before 7:22.

Short film research

An Ode To Modern Democracy And The Hairdresser -
This is a short film about a teenage girl who dropped out of school at the age of 16 and worked in a shoe factory however she takes a course in college and becomes a hairdresser who cuts the primeministers hair once a month. Throughout the whole film the hairdresser is the narrator and she is thinking of giving the primeminister a bad hair cut, she talks about the history and the polotics and thinks that she could become famous by doing it by thinking that she can become famous she does give him a bad haircut which you dont see however at the end as she ‘accedently’ put the razor on grade one. The hairdresser is shown to be living the fairly average life, she is chewing gum and she keeps a fairly straight face throughout the clip which may show she is very good at her job as most people would be more nervous and cautious about cutting the primeministers hair. Around the middle of the clip there are pictures of the priminister with wacky haircuts which creates a sense of humor and shows the audience what his hair could look like. At another time in the clip they use animations too show just how unprotected the primeminister is which I think works very well. At the begining of the clip their was establishing shots to show that she is a hairdresser and panning shots to change the focus from the audience to the primeminister.

A2 Media studies

For my A2 mesia studies course, Ben and I are going to make a short film. I hope to use all of the skills that I learnt from last yesar to make our short film to my full potential and to make it a successfull film using editing, sound and and filming tequniques which I learnt last year.